Old Colony History

Old Colony Mastering got its start in late 2000, when I moved into a sprawling loft space in the heart of South Boston. I got my start a good many years earlier, when I began learning the drums at age 10. I switched to guitar at age 16...an ill-advised move, but hey I was young. I switched back to the drums at age 26 and immediately became much more useful in various musical situations.

I began experimenting with a cassette 4 track in college. Like you do. Over the years this progressed into an obsession with recording, and a succession of ramshackle home studios followed. I started out recording my own bands and this led to work with other like-minded musicians and bands.

I became interested in mastering around 1997, when I was the first kid on the block to have a CD burner. That thing set me back almost $800. Didn't matter, I was now A Professional. I burned a mix to cd and pressed play. It didn't sound anything like all my other cds. I wanted to know why. Turned out the answer was "mastering", and I set about learning all I could about this seemingly elusive black art. I started to figure it out and over the years have been super fortunate to get to work on lots of incredible records made by wonderful people.

While mastering has come to be my primary focus these days, I feel my background in tracking and mixing records is invaluable, as I know first hand all the time and effort that goes into making a record...the arguments, the endless takes, the moments of serendipity and inspiration, the obsessing over minutia, the all-nighter finishing the last mix. I understand how important it is, and my goal as a mastering engineer is simply to help make your record sound as good as it possibly can.

-Scott Craggs

Questions, Answers

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